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As specialists in Video Marketing and Video SEO, at Local Business Images we pride ourselves on how high we can rank simple videos.

Creating customer awareness and helping to brand an image. Also a high ranking video on YouTube will create backlinks to your website enabling your website and business to be found easier through the search engines.

Below is a sample of our demo and stock videos which we have optimised so they appear on page one of YouTube, Google and Google Images… These are simple videos uploaded to demonstarte our advanced Video SEO and Video Marketing services – Don’t forget to check out the image and video rankings!

Instantly check out our video rankings by clicking on the video search links below and look out for Local Business Images!

Construction & Building Trade marketing videos
Builders in Leeds
Builders in Wakefield
Painter Decorator Leeds
Plumber Leeds
Plumber Wakefield
Roof Repairs Leeds
Roofer Leeds
Roofing Contractor UK
Double Glazing & Industry Related Vidoes
Conservatories Huddersfield
Conservatories Leeds
Conservatories Wakefield
Double Glazing Huddersfield
Double Glazing Hull
Double Glazing Leeds
Double Glazing Wakefield
Fascia and soffit installers Leeds
Replacement Windows Huddersfield
Replacement Windows Leeds
Replacement Windows Wakefield
Roofline Installers Leeds
Roofline Installers Yorkshire
Roofline Leeds
uPVC Windows Huddersfield
uPVC Windows Leeds
uPVC Windows Wakefield
Video Listings for eBay (Architectural Salvage UK
For Sale Salvaged Antique Cupola
Salvaged radiator on ebay
Food marketing videos
Marketing Local Pizza Takeaway
Marketing the Best Local Restaurant
Pizza Delivery Leeds
Pizza Marketing Wakefield
Pizza Takeaway Leeds
Restaurant Marketing Leeds
Restaurant Marketing Wakefield
Restaurant Marketing Yorkshire
Video Marketing Local Restaurant
Video Marketing Pizza
Hair Care & Salon marketing videos
Hair Salon Leeds
Hair Salon Liverpool
Hair Stylist Leeds
Hair Stylist Liverpool
Shops & Retail
Locksmith marketing videos
Locksmith Leeds
Locksmith Southampton
Locksmith Wakefield
Marketing for Photographers
Video Marketing Wedding Photographer
Property & Estate Agency marketing videos
Amberwood Chase Harron Homes
Estate Agents Wakefield Property Photography
New Homes Dewsbury
New Homes Ossett
Property for Sale Wakefield
Shops & Retail
Mountain Bike Shop Leeds
Local Solicitors Video Marketing
Personal Injury Solicitor Wakefield
Solicitors Wakefield
Motor Industry & Garage Sevices marketing videos
Auto Servicing Leeds
Service & MOT Leeds
Local Buisness Video Marketing
Customer Reviews Scarborough
Digital Marketing Scarborough
High Ranking Marketing Videos
Local Business Video Agency
local business video marketing strategies
Local Business Video Specialist
Local Video Marketing Specialist
Social Media Scarborough
Video Marketing Bradford
Video Marketing Bridlington
Video Marketing Dewsbury
Video Marketing Halifax
Video Marketing Huddersfield
Video Marketing Hull
Video Marketing Leeds
Video Marketing Ossett
Video Marketing Scarborough
Video Marketing Wakefield
Video Marketing Yorkshire
Video Ranking Specialist
Video SEO Dewsbury
Video SEO Huddersfield
Video SEO Leeds
Video SEO Ossett
Video SEO Wakefield
Video SEO Yorkshire
YouTube Marketing Specialist Local Business
YouTube Marketing Yorkshire
YouTube Video Channels & Playlists
Building Yorkshire – Buiding Trade & Construction Videos
Building Trades & Construction Industry
Hair Salon Hair Stylist Leeds
Video Marketing Yorkshire
Local Business Images YouTube Channel
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