Does Local Business Video Marketing Work?

Provided that the marketing video is high ranking… Local Businesses have realised that Local Business Video Marketing Works.. These days, more and more people are using the internet to get information. Therefore, online videos are increasingly becoming essential for connecting and reaching fans, customers, and followers. Local Business Video Marketing continues to gain more power and popularity as a marketing tool because of its desirability to the web surfers.


By simply adding, a friendly voice and a smile one can build a good rapport with their clienteles faster and enable them to relate to your products or business in a personal level. Local Business Video Marketing allows you to connect to clienteles on a deeper level as it covers and extends to different learning techniques such as the visuals where individuals can learn by seeing or reading demonstrations of various products or services and the auditory where customers associate by listening to audios. Discussed below are the major reasons why businesses are doing video marketing.

Ever-increasing number of internet users consuming videos

Local Businesses are now turning to video marketing because they have realized that more and more internet users tend to consume their video entertainments online. Scientific studies have confirmed that more people are using the internet to checkout videos.

The local business community is now moving to cater for the attention of the new generation that wants videos that provoke, inspire, or excite them. In addition, most people watch videos on tablet devices like iPads as they make this short-form marketing content see more enjoyable. Laptop, tablet and Desktop audiences and viewers continue to consume short-form video and many marketers and businesses see a great money making opportunity arising.

How do I create a Local Business Video?

Local Business Images specialise in getting your video seen! We ensure that your video is ranked high on the search engines and create customer awareness by driving highly targeted traffic to your business. We offer a number of packages to suit you, your budget and your local business video marketing campaign.

We also offer a number of stock videos which can be used for Local Business Video Marketing here…

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How Does Local Business Video Marketing Work?

Local Business Video Marketing simply means the action of making a promotional video of your product and services and marketing it in your locality by submitting the video on multiple video sharing sites.


Video Marketing Leeds – How to BOOST your Business in Leeds using Video Marketing

Local Business Video marketing is a new and ideal way of product promotion to increase traffic on your website. This type of marketing is becoming popular and highly effective when you do it right, it will also help you in creating a large and interested audience.

Local Business Videos are generally used by Internet marketers to sell their products and services locally, using a video explanation of a product. Internet marketers include usable data in a video for user engagement to optimize the sales funnel.

Local Business Videos are generally used by Local Businesses to build brand awareness of their companies and products. These videos are mostly about entertainment to increase customer interest in their brand with less focus on selling the actual product.

People like to purchase things when they watch an online video of that product instead of reading the reviews and specifications, which means you can utilize the power of video to convert your interested audience in sales a lot more.

Local Business Videos are a captivating medium. Local Business Videos are inherently used to keep a customer engaged, generate awareness and create a mental picture of a product.
As a result, video has become a standard medium for communication and marketing activities.

Image manipulation has been made easier, thus facilitating marketing. So demonstrating the use of products has been made easier.

Remember that seeing is more engaging than hearing.

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Local Pizza Delivery Takeaway Business Video Marketing

We have just uploaded a promotional video for the Local Pizza Delivery & Takeaway Service to YouTube…


This professional video for your Local Pizza Delivery & Takeaway can be embedded into you website and social media pages. We can create interactive links on this video. When the viewer clicks on your website address in the Video they will be directs to your Local Pizza Delivery & Takeaway website. Or any webpage that you wish.

This Local Pizza Delivery & Takeaway video is part of our Local Business Stock Videos which can be leased from us to help boost your business.

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Business In Leeds – Easy Video Marketing

If you own a business in the Leeds area, you have to read our report ‘Video Marketing Made Easy’

The video below shows why your business needs video marketing. Marketing has changes over the past few years. What worked then… May not work NOW!

Business in Leeds - Video Marketing for Your Business in LeedsBusiness in Leeds – Video Marketing for Your Business in Leeds

One thing that does work and is extremely effective for almost any business is… Video Marketing.

Video Marketing for your Business in Leeds
You could be claiming to have the greatest business, product or service. You could even be giving the right impression via social media and even via mobile marketing, but…

… If you don’t use Video Advertising for your Business in Leeds, you can’t connect with a great deal of customers actually looking for you!

People watch videos all the time, so it just makes good sense to get your business in on the non-stop action by using Videos for your business

Do you realize how volcanically hot Video Advertising is getting at this exact moment?

  • 100 Million Internet users watch online videos each day
  • 90% of online shoppers said they find video helpful in making buying decisions
  • 50% of executives watch business-related videos on YouTube
  • 65% of those executives visit the marketer’s website after viewing a video
  • 64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video
  • 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text
  • An Average User Spends 16 Minutes 49 Seconds Watching Online
    Video Ads Every Month
  • Estate agency listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without videos
  • Including video in an introductory email increased the click-through rate by 96%
  • Including video in an introductory email reduced the number of unsubscribes by 75%

Increase your business in Leeds through Video

Do we have a choice?
The question is not whether we should use Video for marketing your business in Wakefield; the question is how well can we do it?

In this Highly Effective Video Marketing Exclusive Training, Leeds businesses and marketers in Leeds will learn exactly how to do it.

We have a solution for it, & that’s why I am introducing our latest creation. We are sure you do not want to take the risk of causing a really deep harm to your business in Leeds just for not using and even worse for not knowing how to use Video Marketing correctly!

Video Marketing Made Easy
Finally, you don´t have to worry about wasting your time, you don’t have to worry about ineffective strategies, you don’t have to worry about wasting your money on other training. The only thing you have to concern yourself about is reading every single word of our training and applying it.

Millions of pounds have been invested in Video Marketing since it started, in order to give outstanding benefits to you and your business in Leeds.

This excellent and exclusive training will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step, topic by topic, and tool by tool what you really need to know in order to dominate Video Marketing the easiest way possible, using the most effective tools and in the shortest time ever.

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Plumber Leeds – Video Marketing for the Plumber Leeds

Local business Images want to skyrocket your plumbing company in the Leeds area by utilising our specialist video marketing strategies. We will guarantee 100% that your video will appear on page ONE of YouTube or you pay us nothing!

Looking for an experienced plumber Leeds? A Leeds plumber who has the experience to complete all your plumbing work in Leeds. Such as Bathroom Installations and Central Heating Installations including Central Heating Boiler replacement. Not to mention the emergency plumbing jobs or the small jobs where you require a plumber in Leeds such as a dripping tap.

Plumber Leeds - Leeds Plumber Video Marketing

We are the Local Leeds Plumbers that fit the bill. We have a extensive customer base here in the Leeds Area. As plumbers in Leeds we work for a number of large companies and we have many private customers who will testify to our Plumbing Services throughout the Leeds area.

We are Leeds Plumbers who offer a full round the clock emergency plumbing service. All our vans are stocked with emergency repair plumbing fitting and are able to reach most emergency call outs in the Leeds area within the hour.

This video can be leased from Local Business Images and it would be linked to your existing website, usually within 24 hours. Call Local Business Images on 07809 237 354

Local Business Images YouTube Channel

View our Stock Video for the Leeds Plumber

For more information go to
Plumber Leeds – Video Marketing for the Plumber Leeds

Roofline Leeds – Video Marketing for Fascia & Soffit Installers Leeds

We have just uploaded a video for the Roofline Installer (Roofline Leeds) in the Leeds area.


The video is already ranked on the first page of YouTube and it should hit the number one slot within a couple of days.

This is an ideal opportunity for any Roofline installers in the Leeds area to link and embed this video in your website. We can make edits to the video and ensure that it links to your website, meaning that you get all the traffic.

The video is interactive. Therefore when someone clicks on the contact us logo, they will be taken directly to your website.

I am sure that you can see the potential of this highly effective marketing tool. Should you wish to kinow more please contact us either by email or call me on 07809 237 354.

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Roofline Leeds – Video Marketing for Fascia & Soffit Installers Leeds

Auto Centre Leeds for Servicing & Repairs in Leeds

Auto Centre Leeds – We have just uploaded a video to promote the Auto Centre Servicing & Repairer in Leeds.

Leeds Auto Centre - Auto Servicing and MOT Leeds – MOT Centre Leeds

The video is a simple whiteboard animation that can be edited to fit your business exactly. It is already ranking high on YouTube and no doubt will do the same in the Google listings.

A great feature of the high ranking video for the Auto Centre Leeds is that it is interactive. When you watch the Auto Centre Leeds video and the button appears reading “BOOK YOUR SERVICE/MOT”, when the viewer clicks on this button they will be taken to your website. Your website opens as a new window. This enable the viewer to make an instant decision to find out more whilst watching the Auto Centre Leeds video.

You can find out more about our interactive videos here

The video can be viewed here

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Architectural Photography Leeds

Architectural Photography Leeds – High Ranking Website

If you are an Architectural Photographer in Leeds who loves to capture images of the architecture of Leeds, a city and metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire, England.
Leeds as a city embraces a wide range of architectural styles and outstanding buildings. As with most northern industrial centres, much of Leeds’ prominent architecture is of the Victorian era. However, the City of Leeds also contains buildings from as early as the Middle Ages such as Kirkstall Abbey, one of Britain’s best preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries, as well as examples of 20th century industrial architecture, particularly in the districts of Hunslet and Holbeck.

architectural photography leeds

If you are an Architectural Photographer in Leeds who loves to capture images of the architecture of Leeds, a city and metropolitan borough in West Yorkshire, England.

You as a photographer, need to capture and preserve the architecture in Leeds through your photographic images. New architectural developments and structures now adorn the Leeds skyline. All this new architecture demands to be captured as a photographic image to enable future generations to see this stunning Yorkshire city in all its glory!

Our website dedicated to the Architectural Photographer located in Leeds is now appearing very high in the Google rankings. The website ‘Architectural Photography Leeds’ would be the perfect acquisition to generate awareness and add as a marketing tool to the Leeds based photographer’s arsenal.

As an option… This domain and website could easily be redirected to your existing website ensuring that all traffic from our website searching for an Architectural Photographer in Leeds, would be instantly redirected to your existing website, if you wished.

Local Business Images are able to offer this, already indexed and high ranking, prized domain to the photography who specialises in Architectural Photography in Leeds and the surrounding area.

Please note that the website has been created to rank high in the Google listings. The leaseholder would be responsible for the content and would have full access to the control panel. Local Business Images would help to maintain the high ranking status of the website and would be available to assist in all matters of the website management and maintenance of ‘Architectural Photography Leeds’

Vist the website here
Architectural Photography Leeds

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Interactive Videos – Link your Website From YouTube

Did you know that you can now insert links into your YouTube videos?

View our video here and test the links. This is a must have marketing tool. Especially when we can get your video ranked very high on YouTube…



Adding the links is not as straightforward as you may think, but once done the links are embedded into your video, for all time.

The links can be to another video or your video channel. The ideal link is to your sales or squeeze page. We can even add more than one link and aim at more than one page on your website.

With the prominence of Video Marketing, the Interactive Video that is high ranking on YouTube is almost your ultimate online marketing tool for your business.

This is our 5 step process for an Interactive Local Business video…

  1. Create the video or customise a stock video
  2. Publish the video on YouTube
  3. Add links from the video to your webpage(s) to make it interactive
  4. Promote your video using Advanced Marketing Strategies
  5. Watch your interactive video become high ranking on YouTube

You can view our stock videos here…

The Power of Video Marketing for Local Businesses

Videos have taken content marketing by storm. The power of video marketing for local businesses is far greater than what any other medium holds. Marketing via video has increasingly become very popular since it is far reaching and has yielded very good results in many marketing campaigns.

Future statistics and expectations.
According statistics carried out by Cisco, Video will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. This means that Video-on-demand traffic will have trebled by that time. This is a fine indicator of its rapid growth.

local-business-video marketingOnline video is becoming a very popular means for people to quench their thirst for information and entertainment. Small businesses that may fail to include it as an important element in their internet marketing strategies will most probably be phased out of the market very soon.

Various studies have shown that more than half of the companies in operation today are already employing this medium. A figure that can only predict the endless possibilities this type of marketing holds.

Nielsen Media Research claims that 64% of all marketers are expecting video to dominate their strategies in the near future.

Human behavior when it comes to video.
People no longer take their time to read. We just scan through so as to get the information that we want quickly. Today, it is estimated that 80% of internet users worldwide are of this habit. We are more likely to click on a video in our pursuit of quick information.

There is no other medium comparable to video in terms of potential coverage. Every month, YouTube receives over 1 billion unique visitors. In the UK, 1 in 3 Britons view a minimum of 1 online video every week. That sums up to a whooping weekly audience of over 20 billion people.

There are numerous success stories of videos that have gone viral. For instance, one of Volkswagen’s campaigns saw 3 of its videos viewed with a combined figure of 15 million times.

Small business should make a point of engaging their consumers through video marketing and if they are impressed, they will most probably share them with others. Video will make viewers spend more time on your website and in turn spend more time viewing your brand.

Video for SEO.
For any SEO exercise or social media campaign, video is undeniably the best tool to employ since it creates a buzz faster than any other medium. In addition to this, it helps in building brand awareness and credibility.

People are likely to engage more with video than any other medium. This is because they can share, like or plus it in turn, serving as a strong indicator for SEO since it sends social signals to various search engines.

Its impact on trends in business activities.
Forrester’s researches say that 1 minute of a video is worth about 1.8 million words. Furthermore, Axonn Research found out that after watching impressive and informative video from a specific brand, 7 in every 10 people viewed it more positively.

Video is more engaging than any other medium and with today’s information overload, it is imperative of small businesses to provide easy-to-digest content, otherwise, consumers will move on.

It’s effective in small businesses since production costs have been greatly reduced in recent years. Unlike in the past, you are no longer required to have special skills to use it.

Applications such as Twitter’s Vine have largely increased the opportunities for business that work with a limited budget.

Success tips that you should know.
Before coming up with video content, firstly consider your target audience and whether your video is relevant to their needs. If it is not the best means of communication with your audience, you should start looking for other media that you can employ.

Also make use of the social media and promote your content across multiple channels. To fully realize the potential of video, you have to ensure it can be easily found and shared by users. Do not neglect mobile. Video plays on mobiles and tablets are increasingly becoming popular.

The cost of production can only be covered through creativity. Make a point of being creative in both the video and your whole marketing strategy that will is built around it.

Once you get these few things right, video will be your future in content marketing.

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