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Why SEO isn’t always the best solution…

Chances are, you get a dozen calls or emails each day offering you SEO services as a “solution” to your sales and marketing problems.
But the funny thing is…
… SEO is not any more of a solution than getting fit is to an athlete.

Because SEO is actually meaningless by itself.
Getting to the top of Google is not an SEO challenge…
… it is a CONTENT challenge.


Google wants to see good content, in a variety of mediums that is highly related to the searcher.
If you can provide that content, most of the SEO battle is won already.
Of course, there are many valid reasons to hire an SEO expert, such as title optimization, meta tags, building incoming links and all that other boring stuff…
… but if you don’t have content to actually optimize, then it’s all just hot air and empty promises.

But with video… Video is the type of content that Google loves the most. In fact, you’re roughly 50 times more likely to get your video to the top of Google than you are a blog post or other written article.

And if you’re not sure where to start, or what type of video to create for your Video Marketing campaign (or you simply don’t have the time or energy to worry about it) then Local Business Images would be very pleased to not only help to get you going with video. But we will enable you to see actual results using Video Marketing within days!


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How video marketing is helping small businesses stay alive

As a fellow small business owner, I know how it feels to hear all the latest and greatest fads for marketing your business, but video is one rapidly growing trend that can no longer be called a “fad.” Now small businesses are cashing in. But what makes video so powerful, particularly when it comes to marketing your business?

1. First impressions count. Sadly, a business card is not enough anymore. Flyers and brochures are great, but can be expensive. Local networking still works but it’s time consuming. Video lets us be everywhere at once, and is the next best thing to being there in person.

2. Pictures speak louder than words. According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, one minute of video can replace 1.8 Million Words of text, or 3,600 web pages. If you write an average of one web page an hour, it would take you 150 days of writing to achieve the same impact of one minute of video. Humans are multisensory creatures (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell) and because video taps into two of these – sight and sound – it’s naturally more engaging that text alone. There’s more; through evolution, humans are also biologically programmed to detect and pay attention to moving objects as a way to protect themselves from danger. Video is full of moving objects, thus making them much harder to ignore.

3. Video gets you found. Did you know that 70% of marketers are optimizing video to get found in search engines? That’s because video is 53 times more likely to produce a first-page search result than traditional techniques. Source: ReelSEO
These facts are just the tip of the iceberg, but they paint a clear picture; if you’re trying to deliver a message and stand out from the crowd, nothing comes close to the power of video.


7 easy ideas for awesome videos

1) Product demos
If you have a product that needs visual proof that it works, or that needs a little extra explanation for non-technical types, then what better way to do it than with video?

2) Tutorial Videos
Tutorial videos are a great way to showcase your business expertise and knowledge. Show potential customers how to solve a problem visually and audibly, and you’ll win their trust and help steer them towards your products.

3) Product Knowledge & FAQs
What do your customers frequently ask you at the checkout? What’s the biggest question you receive when you pick up the phone from a potential new client? Answer these questions on video and stick that video on your website’s home page, and you’ll reduce your workload and generate more leads who are one step closer to buying.

4) Behind the Scenes Videos
When people aren’t familiar with your company or procedures, a behind-the-scenes event can help build trust with potential customers. This is particularly effective for cosmetic surgeons, dentists, etc, where people may be wary on arrival. This video could be showcased on your website, sent to via email to new prospects or even played in waiting rooms and reception areas.

5) Before and After Videos
Nothing shows potential customers the value of your product or service more effectively than real life results. Before-and-after videos connect with viewers because they can directly relate to the person in the video, and can see the benefits once they’ve used the product or service, giving them the chance to put themselves in that person’s shoes. It’s also the most direct proof that your product or service works as promised.

6) Customer Testimonials
Do your customers frequently leave your office, store, or website, with a big smile on their face? Then why not capture it on camera? Right when they’re feeling great about you, ask these happy customers what they loved about you and your products and services, and why they would recommend you to others. Capture on camera and put it on your website so other potential customers can feel confident about you too.

7) Straight up sales pitch
The simplest way to attract new customers is to highlight their current problem and why you’re the best option to help solve it. A short 30 second video can achieve this, which can then be used for paid or free video ads, or uploaded to your website’s home page.

How Local Business Images can help your business
The 7 easy ideas for awesome videos and video marketing are just the tip of the iceberg, but they paint a clear picture; if you’re trying to deliver a message and stand out from the crowd, nothing comes close to the power of video. At Local Business Images we are Video Marketing Specialists and we will help you create a video or uses a stock video and get it ranked on page one of YouTube.


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Video Marketing Stock Video for the Builder in Wakefield

We have just uploaded a marketing video for the Builder in Wakefield…

You can view the Builder in Wakefield Stock video here

This is the text that goes along with the video but it can be altered and edited to suit the Builder in Wakefield.

Looking for a reputable builder in the Wakefield area? A reputable builder in Wakefield who can build your home. A builder who can repair your home or add an extension. Maybe you want to convert your loft space to create extra room in your home.

We are one of the most respected building companies in the Wakefield area. We have a very loyal regular customer base and we can offer excellent testimonials and references for the building work we have undertaken in the Wakefield area.

We offer a free consultation and advice. Free estimates. We also have a full design and drawing service and we can apply for the required planning permissions and building regulations if required.

In fact, we are your local builders in Wakefield who offer the complete solution to your home improvements. From a garden wall to a new home. We are accredited members of the Federation of Master Builders in Wakefield.

All our building and associated building works are guaranteed 100% and we’ve been around long enough to make sure that we will always be there for you should you ever need us!
Please go to our website at…
Contact us on…

Codelock – Video Marketing for the City Locksmith Southampton

The great thing about video marketing is that you can create a simple video and get it ranked within hours of uploading it to YouTube.
Here is one that we created for one of our clients to promote Codelock. A digital lock that replaces the need for keys.

The video is simple but it will get the City Locksmiths on Southampton Contact number on page one of Google… In fact it already has!!!!
The important thing is to get the video seen and contact details out there. Also creating backlinks to the Southampton Locksmiths website

You can check the results here…

Easy Sketch Pro 2 – Our Demo Video

A number of our online clients have asked about the updates to Easy Sketch Pro regarding the launch of Easy Sketck Pro 2

The main update is the fact that now with Easy Sketch Pro 2 you can not only work with photo’s, images and graphics etc… You can now easily work with video. We have created a simple demo here…

Please note that the hand was created by Local Business Images and can be downloaded in our members area

Although it was only launched last week, we have already started to put the Easy Sketch Pro 2 through its paces and it is well worth the upgrade. Basically it is just as easy to use and anyone who has the earlier version will have no trouble in the transition to Easy Sketch Pro 2.

As creators of videos for our Local Business Clients we are always eager to keep up with the latest software, techniques and ideas. To date I can honestly say that using the combination of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Elements ll, Powerpoint and Easy Sketch Pro 2 we can do almost anything that our clients ask of us and our creativity.

We use Photoshop to create our custom frames and backgrounds for our clients. Adobe Premier Elements is used to add soundtracks and adjust the timing etc. Although to be honest we could manage without this software. It’s just what we are used to. That brings us to PowerPoint which is already on most computers anyway. Add Easy Sketch Pro 2 and your creativity is unleashed.

In fact if you are making whiteboard animations, simple animations and integrated video animations then Easy Sketch Pro is all that you require. It’s all down to what you are used to.

As our clients are dependent on us, almost as we are them, if they ask what software we use or could we recommend a video creation software package I always recommend Easy Sketch Pro because of its simplicity. We still get work from our clients through creating custom and specific images to use with the software. Also the Easy Sketch Pro 2 is very easy to create graphics and images for. And you do get a great image, background and soundtrack library included in the software package.

If you are looking for a Local Video Production and SEO service please contact us here… If you are simply looking for a simple Video Creation Package that gives Professional results try the Easy Sketch Pro 2 here…

Video SEO for Local Business

Let’s look at some YouTube tips for marketing your business. The best way to market your videos is through viral videos. Viral videos are cool, interesting and valuable videos that make people want to share them with their friends. Thankfully, YouTube allows for easy sharing on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, and also allows fans to subscribe to a video channel for the latest updates.

Why Video SEO
Get a video up onto YouTube and tweak it accordingly. Make sure that you use all the tactics and use Video SEO to ensure it will rank high and be seen on page one of the Google and YouTube listings. Make sure at the end of your videos there is a call to action so that you can tell your viewers to take the next action such as visit a website or follow you on Facebook or Twitter.


Your Video Marketing Made Easy Report


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Tips for Video SEO
In the description area, always include your link to your website on the first line of the first paragraph. This helps improve SEO and gets a free backlink to your website. It is also the first thing people see when they watch the video. You can learn more about Video SEO here…

Important Factors of Video SEO
In your description area, make sure you include high search volume keywords so that people can find your content easily. YouTube ranks high in the search engines so by putting your content on YouTube, it makes your stuff much easier to find.

Last but not least, promote your videos to your list of followers. The more people that view your videos, the more eyeballs it will get because YouTube will feature more popular videos in the front of the searches.

Video SEO with 100% GUARANTEE
To view our results and how high we get your videos up the listings to make sure they are viewed… Take a look at our current listings here…

You can learn more about Video SEO in our FREE Video Marketing Made Easy here…

How To Use Videos To Effectively Market Your Local Business

Videos can be a great way to market your local business to a wider audience. One good thing about videos and local video marketing is it conveys professionalism and shows that you are a person to be taken seriously.

This is an example of one of our stock videos to market the local plumber

More details here…

No one likes to read chunks and chunks of information, and videos can be a great way to spread information to wide audience because they are easy to digest and are generally more interesting to view. You can use videos as an alternative source for providing information to your followers as well.

One good way to market your business using videos is through the viral effect. Interesting, quirky videos can be easily shared over social networks and can be easily uploaded onto video sharing sites such as YouTube and Metacafe.

Speaking of YouTube, YouTube is largest video search engine in the world and you can upload videos for free. You can draw extra traffic to your website by adding a call to action at the end of the video and include links to your web sites under at the description box. If you frequently post videos, you can ask your video sharing community to subscribe to your YouTube account for more cool videos.

Ever tried making a profile video? A profile video with you starring in it can convey sincerity and allows people to connect with you at a more personal level, it’ll let them go thinking…”Hey, he’s just like me”

One more way to market your business is through video testimonials or reviews. The human factor in video testimonials makes your products seem more genuine and believable. This source of social proof can boost your profits up a notch.

In short, videos make a great addition to your marketing arsenal and should be implemented in addition to your conventional marketing methods.

How To Use Videos To Effectively Market Your Local Business – Find out more here…