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Bridlington Echo – Animated Video ad

Bridlington Echo - Sample Video Ad - Video Ads for Bridlington B

Simple video ads get your business in the search engine listings! By creating a video ad for your business, we can generate online awareness for your business. The ads can be embedded into you webpages, social media pages and we can create an animated .GIF to insert into your emails. Local Business Images are specialists […]

Video Marketing | How can I keep my conservatory cool in summer?

Over the past two and a half years I have tried many method of marketing and optimising videos for ourselves and our clients.
We have gained experience, information and knowledge of how to rank a video in any niche for local businesses. We have achieved some amazing results for both ourselves and our clients.

We are now trying out a new method of video ranking. Using this new method which is new to ourselves and mixing it up with our past knowledge and experience we are hoping to take local video marketing to greater heights!

Initially we are targeting a highly competitive market for replacement conservatory roofs. We are up against some large manufacturers with obvious big budgets… Let’s see how we perform?

Where to stay in Bridlington Hotel

Where to stay in Bridlington | Video Marketing | Bridlington Hotel

If you are looking to market your hotel in Bridlington through the power of Video Marketing, then please get in touch. It is our policy not to work for any competing clients. Therefore we will only work with one hotel in the Bridlington area. Here are some tips to help you market your hotel in Bridlington through video and video marketing; When it comes to Video Marketing for an Hotel in Bridlington, Local Optimization is KEY

Video Ranking – Thermal Image Conservatory

thermal Imaging of a Conservatory

Our experience and implementing advanced 35 step Video SEO, we have ensured that the video appears on page one of the Google video search for the search term ‘thermal image conservatory’.

Using a Thermal Imaging Camera, we have illustrated the thermal efficiency of a tiled conservatory roof in comparison to the lack of thermal efficiency of a polycarbonate conservatory roof.

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