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The Power of Video Marketing for Local Businesses

Videos have taken content marketing by storm. The power of video marketing for local businesses is far greater than what any other medium holds. Marketing via video has increasingly become very popular since it is far reaching and has yielded very good results in many marketing campaigns.

Future statistics and expectations.
According statistics carried out by Cisco, Video will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. This means that Video-on-demand traffic will have trebled by that time. This is a fine indicator of its rapid growth.

local-business-video marketingOnline video is becoming a very popular means for people to quench their thirst for information and entertainment. Small businesses that may fail to include it as an important element in their internet marketing strategies will most probably be phased out of the market very soon.

Various studies have shown that more than half of the companies in operation today are already employing this medium. A figure that can only predict the endless possibilities this type of marketing holds.

Nielsen Media Research claims that 64% of all marketers are expecting video to dominate their strategies in the near future.

Human behavior when it comes to video.
People no longer take their time to read. We just scan through so as to get the information that we want quickly. Today, it is estimated that 80% of internet users worldwide are of this habit. We are more likely to click on a video in our pursuit of quick information.

There is no other medium comparable to video in terms of potential coverage. Every month, YouTube receives over 1 billion unique visitors. In the UK, 1 in 3 Britons view a minimum of 1 online video every week. That sums up to a whooping weekly audience of over 20 billion people.

There are numerous success stories of videos that have gone viral. For instance, one of Volkswagen’s campaigns saw 3 of its videos viewed with a combined figure of 15 million times.

Small business should make a point of engaging their consumers through video marketing and if they are impressed, they will most probably share them with others. Video will make viewers spend more time on your website and in turn spend more time viewing your brand.

Video for SEO.
For any SEO exercise or social media campaign, video is undeniably the best tool to employ since it creates a buzz faster than any other medium. In addition to this, it helps in building brand awareness and credibility.

People are likely to engage more with video than any other medium. This is because they can share, like or plus it in turn, serving as a strong indicator for SEO since it sends social signals to various search engines.

Its impact on trends in business activities.
Forrester’s researches say that 1 minute of a video is worth about 1.8 million words. Furthermore, Axonn Research found out that after watching impressive and informative video from a specific brand, 7 in every 10 people viewed it more positively.

Video is more engaging than any other medium and with today’s information overload, it is imperative of small businesses to provide easy-to-digest content, otherwise, consumers will move on.

It’s effective in small businesses since production costs have been greatly reduced in recent years. Unlike in the past, you are no longer required to have special skills to use it.

Applications such as Twitter’s Vine have largely increased the opportunities for business that work with a limited budget.

Success tips that you should know.
Before coming up with video content, firstly consider your target audience and whether your video is relevant to their needs. If it is not the best means of communication with your audience, you should start looking for other media that you can employ.

Also make use of the social media and promote your content across multiple channels. To fully realize the potential of video, you have to ensure it can be easily found and shared by users. Do not neglect mobile. Video plays on mobiles and tablets are increasingly becoming popular.

The cost of production can only be covered through creativity. Make a point of being creative in both the video and your whole marketing strategy that will is built around it.

Once you get these few things right, video will be your future in content marketing.

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Video Marketing Power Tools

Video Marketing Power Tools and Video Marketing is a very powerful marketing platform for increasing leads and sales. Video is the only medium that communicates emotion. Therefore, it gives you the ability to leverage on the enthusiasm of your customers and staff as no other form of marketing is better at capturing attention than video.

It also introduces your company or business in a very irresistibly entertaining and compelling way. While it takes many touch points before one can achieve a sale, video marketing works to reduce the hustle and bustle of marketing, increasing conversions and sales at much reduced costs.


Local Business Images offer a number of stock videos which can be edited to reflect yout businerss

Videos build very engaging and memorable connections to your business or company brand. Research shows that video messaging is several hundred times more engaging that plain text only. It is proposed that companies can offer both video and text for the targeted audience to decide which suits them best.

However, for High Return on Investment businesses, video is the preferable way to go. This is because people prefer to watch rather than read long prose. With video, you can turn your static text sales pages to engaging pieces of video content. Some decent video marketing software can easily catapult your business to the next level.

Today, the marketing environment involves more data than ever, more computer power than ever before, more round the clock connectivity and less staff. The traditional ad banners have lost their steam and can easily burn a hole in one’s advertising budget. Although they are still effective, Ad banners have really lost their popularity. Nowadays, they hardly come free, just like advertising on other websites. Here below are some vital Video Marketing Power Tools.

Ever thought of PowerPoint as a very powerful video marketing tool? Here, all you need is to bring your ideas and creativity on board. Infuse them with your PowerPoint skills and you could be on your way to great success in marketing. Not proficient in PowerPoint, don’t worry; relax. Just enroll for a short course or equip yourself with training materials in PowerPoint. Your efforts to learn and understand it are not in vain. They will surely pay dividends.

Another great tool worth giving a thought is Camtasia. It produces exceptional video editing results. You can upload a video into the software and then trim it, add titles, effects and sounds. You may also record the activity on the screen of your computer if you so wish.
If you wish to add a voice to your video, and it is quite indispensable to do so, you will need to get a high quality microphone. Most people prefer connecting a voice speaking the text on the screen with the action(s) in your video.

YouTube is all about viewing, uploading and sharing videos. This is the best video hosting place. Remember that after creating your video, you will need somewhere to host it. Being the second most popular search engine, millions of people who visit it are likely to see your video. If you add your website to your YouTube video, many people are likely to see, click and visit your site, leading to higher conversions for you.

Another advantage of using YouTube is that it is free. This helps to keep your advertising costs low. The fact that Google owns YouTube gives you a very valuable backlink.
There are many other sites, apart from YouTube, where you can upload your video.

This is a tool that enables you to upload a video to multiple sites. It is a paid for service that comes with a free trial.
Other Video marketing tools include Book marking and Tube Mogul. Although it is free, Commercial content is prohibited in videos uploaded onto Tube Mogul. Some Bookmarking sites include Delicious, Reddit and Digg. You may also check out Stumble Upon.

These and many other video sales and marketing power tools are becoming more and more indispensable in the current digital world business dispensation. Ignore them at your own peril. If you do, you lose out on the following benefits;

Predictable questions can be answered through video, reducing the cost of sale. You also build or increase credibility and trust through well done powerful and professional videos. Internal self serve videos help the sales staff to be more effective. It must also be mentioned that the use of video shortens the sales cycle and turns marketing into hugely useful information that creates long term trust and kinship.

The notion that video marketing is only for established businesses and companies is a fallacy. All you have to do is start where you are with what you have.

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Video Marketing – To do or not to do?

When it comes to video marketing these are the things that you need to do and not to do!
Video Marketing is adding or incorporating videos in marketing campaigns in the name of promoting your product, service or company. Marketers can achieve a number of mileage using just one video by including it in all his/her marketing channels like e-mail and search engines like Google.
Studies have shown that three quarters of the people in developed countries get accessed to videos on internet. Engagement level is also average but rising and in the long run playing a prominent role in online experience.

video-productionSo, video marketing is beneficial in a way that the marketer gets direct response from consumers who make instant decisions whether to buy products or not, there are low production cost compared to the traditional ways, and there is differentiation because videos are engaging, compelling and relevant.

For effective video marketing, there are therefore the dos that you needs to know if you want to get in this game. Authentic content is therefore required by people who look for information online.

Video Marketing Do’s and Don’ts – Marketers must therefore deliver the following (THE DOS):

In the modern world, people seek genuine or original information. This means taking videos which feature real places with real people makes the advertised massage believable and trustworthy. Authenticity together with uniqueness will enhance accessibility to many viewers and leave a good impression about your product or service.

To create attention to people who could have content options you have to create a high quality videos which project best images. Low quality videos don’t stand a chance at all because there is no guarantee that most people will watch them. Even after watching the low quality videos there is a chance of taking away negative or bad impressions therefore a set back to your business.

Length of the video
The video should be worth watching. One and a half minutes is a good average length of an advertisement. Although it depends with the kind of content you want to advertise, long videos that go up to like 10 minutes should be broken into preferable parts its advised. Keep it simple.

Compelling messages
Telling people about your services and products is one thing, satisfying their search to find best providers for their needs is just another. So it’s very important to give a convincing message that encourages the action.

There is a possibility to grab customers and make them feel like they are part of the brand when you are advertising. Making them click and having to interact with whatever you are advertising could eventually make the consumers have a good impression.

Sharing ability
Even though YouTube, Wistia or Vimeo are the popular sites to host your videos, you can still get your content disseminating into the world. Share your video to social networks and even e-mail contacts and blogs. Share it with everyone available because if it has content worth sharing, the sharing will continue among the people until the audience which will get exposed and the video will grow.

Get experience
Watch videos from other advertisements to get inspiration for all that works in making a good video for marketing your products or what doesn’t. Creating videos on a regular basis will help you get necessary and enough experience to help you come up with quality video content.
Even with the do’s it doesn’t guarantee that you will have a good market of your products or services.
There are things you need to avoid doing (THE DON’TS) during online video marketing.

Lengthy videos
Lengthy videos make viewers lose interest so fast that they abandon the video even before they get the benefit and the important content of the video. If the content requires more time of the video, it’s advisable to cut it into parts that can make sense.

The fact that there is increased speed in internet access in the modern world has not changed the adoption of video format. it is still limited In terms of production value and limit. Therefore costly graphic packages and fancy camera tricks alongside other production element would get lost on smaller screens or may not be relayed therefore leading to budget waste.

Aiming to sell your products on a specified market or basis even if it’s only one minute many people will opt to go elsewhere. It shouldn’t be overtly promotional, people won’t watch it still.

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Video Marketing – To do or not to do – Get FREE Access to A Controversial & New Report to Finally Drive Hordes of Unstoppable Free traffic to Your Website!

Highly Effective Video Marketing Tricks

Marketing is one of the most important strategies in business because it introduces the business and its products to the consumers. Video marketing has the ability to take a business to another level as long as the business owner is ready to devote their time and resources. Today, most people are interested in video representation of information as opposed to the traditional text or audio.

DVD-video-marketingWith that said, anyone interested in effectively marketing their business should be ready and willing to use all the available resources to propel their businesses forward. It is important to understand video marketing well to get the optimum results. Here are highly effective video marketing tricks to assist you in succeeding.

Good Titles for your Effective Video Marketing.
The power of a good title should not be overlooked in the distribution of online videos. Viewers are drawn by powerful and relevant titles which is why you should spend time in creating a title that will attract your target viewers. Keep in mind that the title should represent the content of the video. This means that it should not underrate the video or create a perception of something else.

Always remember that the title will pay a major role in determining the type of people who will be watching the video and taking the necessary action. A misleading title can attract a lot of viewers who will be disappointed in the video and will leave immediately. It is better to have a few viewers who are interested in what you have to offer than a huge useless traffic.

Be Original when coming up with content
People have seen quite a lot of things on videos and to get more attention, you will have to be unique and original. Instead of copying what most of the other people are doing, do your own research and put yourself in the viewer’s shoes. This will help you not only in creating something original, but in attracting the attention of the viewers.

Have An Effective Video Marketing Strategy
It is crucial that you understand that making the video is just the first step. You will need to take the video where your viewers are and this calls for an effective marketing strategy. It is true that the video will be marketing your business but you will also need to market the video so that it can deliver positive results.

You should use all the necessary resources to ensure that as many viewers as possible are viewing the content. Embed the video on your business website and use social media to push the video to a wider audience. The more relevant viewers you get the more people you will have interested in your business and its products.

Have Goals
When you are creating a video to market your business, you should have goals. This is what you want the video to do for your business, do you want people to click on a link, visit a web site, take part in a survey, or like a social media page? Having well defined goals will assist you in achieving them by setting the marketing strategy properly.

It is possible to have a viral video which is useless because you have not given the viewers a way forward after they watch the video. Make sure you lay out everything in a funnel strategy where all efforts are focused on leading the audience to a particular direction that leads to more sales.

Effective Video Marketing – Be Consistent
People are always searching for fresh interesting content online and to succeed in video marketing, you should be consistent in positing new content. You also need to ensure that your new content is not only driven by quantity but also by quality. This means that you should be consistent in posting new content and also in keeping everything interesting to the viewers.

You Don’t Need A Fortune
Marketing does not have to be expensive. This also applies to all its strategies such as video marketing. You do not have to go all the way and get professionals to do the videos although Local Business Images can offer you an excellent Effective Video Marketing package. Though quality is important, it is not a must that you break your bank account. Focus on high quality videos that are simple to cut down on the cost of the entire process.

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Highly Effective Video Marketing Tricks – Get FREE Access to A Controversial & New Report to Finally Drive Hordes of Unstoppable Free traffic to Your Website!

Product Photography

I suppose that Product Photography or Commercial Still Life photography has always been my main photographic interest.

We have reduced the high-res images down to 1000 pixels – Please click on the image to see it at actual size


Product Photography – Smirnoff & Coke

I have a permanent still life studio set up that can be used 24/7 to handle any photographic job or product photography that is urgently required.

Multiple Coke Cans & Smirnoff

Multiple Coke Cans & Smirnoff

The main selling point of our commercial photography and product photography is to get it ranked and found online. We always optimize our images in such a way that Google loves them.

Therefore if you commission us to shoot your product photography we will not only create a great image… We will get it ranked on Google. Resulting in more traffic to your website.

We can also create videos from the images that we shoot. Or you can supply your own. Whichever way you want to create a video, we will ensure it will rank very high on YouTube.
Please feel free to contact us and get a fixed price quote for any product photography that you require… The image optimisation is always included.

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The Huntsman Dewsbury Country Inn

This is a simple demo video so you can see that Local Business Images can get your video ranked high in the listings.

The main key phrase that we are aiming at is ‘The Huntsman Dewsbury’ and also ‘Country Inn Dewsbury’.

The Hunstman Dewsbury is a traditional pub, originally a farmhouse, it has all its original features within the small but welcoming hostelry.

Inside it still has its an original Yorkshire range in the snug, as well as a coal/log burner in the main lounge, the walls and shelves are decked with artifacts of bygone


The ales on offer are a mix of old and modern with traditional cask and real ales always available including rotating guest ales from breweries far and wide. Timothy Taylor

Landlords and a return to the original ‘Huntsman’ see’s Tetley Cask Original on the bar. Lagers Carling & San Miguel are complimented by the thirst quenching Magners Cider

and Guinness, along with Smooth flow Bitters from John Smiths & Tetley’s.

Traditional home cooked food is served at lunchtimes Tuesday to Saturday and also Thursday/Friday & Saturday early evening’s (see opening times). All meats are produced

locally. Sunday afternoons see local produce being used in our Sunday Dinners.

A large paddock at the side of the premises offer an excellent relaxation point to enjoy both food and drink with excellent views of West & North Yorkshire.

The paddock is also available for hire for private functions and has available a 12 x 6 marquee and mobile bar.

Catering and entertainment are also available.

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What is Video Marketing?

When asked what is video marketing? You will probable thing of two distinct things: marketing with video or marketing a video.

Marketing with Video
Marketing with Video, commonly referred as video marketing is frequently used by marketers as a sales promotion tool. Video is included inside an email marketing campaign or in the form of a webinar series for creating leads.

For instance, you can use video to explain to customers the specific elements of your product when they visit your web site.

Marketing a Video
The main objective of marketing a video is to build brand awareness. The idea is always to deliver a message in such a way that individuals will need to share the information through social media platforms.

How Does Video Marketing On Google Differ to YouTube?
You may think video marketing on Google is similar to YouTube since Google owns You Tube, however the techniques of marketing videos on these two platforms have greatly changed.

People looking for solutions to questions on YouTube expect to watch a video. That’s quite easy to understand because individuals are looking for a video response to their question.

On the other hand, Google does not follow the same script. If you have your meta-data (keywords, description, title) properly optimized there is a higher chance your You Tube video being ranked on top of the first page of Google or You Tube.

How to Get Your Videos Ranked On the First Pages of YouTube or Google
Your meta-data is the key to getting higher ranks. Google algorithm favors informational keywords to rank online videos. Informational keywords begin with phrases like: What is” or “Why does” or “How to”. This because informational keywords normally don’t have paid per click promotion along the sidebar.

Secondly, Google algorithm will tend to place informational keyword phrases on top of the first page because the videos describing “how to” do something are mostly searched by viewers who are looking for free solutions to their problems.

Now if you look at commercial keywords, you will find out different scenario. It is much harder to get a YouTube video ranked on top if Google knows it can charge promoters to be on page one.

You need to choose your topic carefully. You need to check how competitive the competition key phrase is there in order to know how much effort you’ll require to put into promoting you video to get a good return.

If YouTube has several videos with the same title as your proposed online marketing video that’s a good sign however it also means it will take more effort and time to rise above them. Conversely if there no competing videos it will be easier to rank but cannot reach a wider market.

How to Using Social Media Carry Out Video Marketing
What is video marketing using social media? Normally video marketing goes hand-in-hand with social media campaigns. It involves carry out video marketing using social media platforms such Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

If you are going to take this approach then you need a tool that can track your marketing campaign. Monitoring and tracking is necessary to understanding what’s working and what is not and understanding what your target audience needs.

Why Online Video Marketing is Important to Your Online Marketing Promotion Strategy
The use of online video marketing may sound intimidating, however, once you are on the right track it can be a great way to generate new business connections and be able to make more sales. With several internet user viewing videos on a daily basis, it good to add video to your online marketing campaign.

Why Online Video Marketing Best Sales Tool
A growing number of people are shopping online nowadays and you should take advantage of this. Online Video Marketing will help you reach a wider audience. However, do not overdo it. Keep your online videos short and sweet… approximately ninety seconds to two minutes is appropriate.

Online video advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategy and is showing every sign of continuing growth. Which means that you almost certainly need to include it in your marketing strategy. With this quick guide introduction to what is video marketing, you now stand a better position to ensure your business is successful.

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Easy Sketch Pro – New Effect

I love to see new techniques and effects that can be used in video marketing...

Paul Lynch has just uploaded this one titled ‘Australian Pelicans’

The effect is great but unfortunately it could be used too many times and loose the impact.
What do you think?

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Architectural Salvage UK – Reclamation Business FOR SALE

Architectural Salvage UK

Architectural Antiques Salvage & Reclamation Business complete with plenty of architectural antiques and reclaimed architectural items

Watch the Sales Video Here…

Architectural Antiques Salvage & Reclamation Business complete with plenty of architectural antiques and reclaimed architectural items. Detached mill on 1 or 2 floors with retail area and workshop, yard and garages on all on same lease

A very good business with a £120,000 turnover. This Established Architectural Antiques business has a massive potential and with plenty of scope to do a lot more

The current stock valuation is £30,000 to £40,000 and the seller is looking for offers around these sums. The stock consists of the following



View in more detail here…

About Architectural Salvage UK…