Gawthorpe World Coal Carrying Championships 2014

The 51st Gawthorpe World Coal Carrying Championships 2014 captured in pictures.

When entrants haul sacks of coal along a 1000-metre route from the Royal Oak pub on Owl Lane to the village green for the Easter Monday tradition. Men carry a 50kg sack of coal, women haul a 20kg sack and children carry 10kg in the race. I must add that the majority of the race is up an incline…

Gawthorpe World Coal Carrying Championships 2014

Take a look at the HD video of selected images from the Gawthorpe World Coal Carrying Championships 2014

Strictly speaking the photographs that I took on Easter Monday of the 51st Gawthorpe World Coal Carrying Championships are not business images. However, they are very local to me. I wanted to capture the community spirit, commitment, enthusiasm and energy of the Gawthorpe World Coal Carrying Championships and the competitors who took part.

The images that I took, hopefully achieve this? I have created a short video showing some of the shots that I took. I decided not to concentrate on the finish line but close-up shots of some of the competitors during the race.

Like I said this is just 70 of the 250 plus shots that I took. I hope that you take a look at the video and enjoy the images that I captured on the day.

The Gawthorpe World Coal Carrying Championships was sponsored by Eric F. Box (Funeral Directors) Ltd

Rawlplug Use Our Commercial Stock Photography

Commercial Stock Photography

Our image titled ‘UPVC Window Replacement 2’ has been purchased and used in a PDF brochure by RAWLPLUG.

commercial stock photography wakefield

Rawplug uses Commercial Photography Wakefield

is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialist anchoring and fixing systems, with distribution on every continent. For nearly a century since our foundation in 1919, the Rawlplug brand has been synonymous with innovation, reliability and safety in the development and manufacture of construction anchors and fixing products.

At Rawlplug they pride themselves in providing the highest quality industry-approved products and the most extensive offer range, which is constantly evolving to meet users’ demands and expectations. Their high manufacturing standards go hand in hand with outstanding customer services, comprehensive R&D, technical advice and professional engineering support including site testing and product training, to deliver entire solutions for every area of our business.

Rawplug uses Commercial Photography Wakefield – TRUST & INNOVATION since 1919

As stock photographers, Local Business Images shoot Commercial Stock Photography to promote your business. Not only do we optimise the image for quality and fast loading (Google loves that) but we also optimise each image to rank high in the search engine listings.

The Commercial Stock Photography that Local Business Images produce can be searched and found throughout the search engine listing. By using our advanced search engine strategies and optimisation techniques we can get your business image high in the search engine listings pretty quickly.

We Want Business Images & Stock Photography in Wakefield

As established photographers of stock photography and contributors to four of the largest Photo Stock Libraries in the World, we are constantly looking for locations and subjects for our stock photography and images.

stock-photography-wedding-receptionWhat is Stock Photography?
Stock Photography is existing photography that is available for commercial use – as opposed to assignment photography, which is custom made to someone’s specifications.
Stock images carry no logos or names unless a ‘Property’ or ‘Model’ release is signed. The images therefore cannot be associated with any particular company unless that company grants the right to be associated with that image.

How long has Stock Photography been around?
Various stock photography libraries have been actively conducting business around the world for much of this century, but the real surge in popularity for publishing these existing photographs has only surfaced over the past fifteen years.

As Stock Photographers…
Local Business Images specialise in property and interior photography. In addition to my speciality, we also produce conceptual images all of which are uploaded to four major internet based Picture Libraries that supply images Worldwide to advertisers, publishers, printers and designers etc.

stock-photography-pork-pieWith over twenty thousand picture sales to date, we are looking to add to our portfolio and personal library. My most popular photographic images illustrate property and furnishings at their optimum as we attempt to capture the quality and mood of each architectural structure or interior. Wherever possible I try to use available light. This ensures that the feel and mood of the interior and associated items are captured accurately. However, if required, we sometimes give a burst of electronic flash to light any dark or shadow areas.

In short, we produce professional images of businesses, architecture, interiors and furnishings that will sell through the Stock Libraries. As the demand for our images increase we need more and more locations, interiors and property to shoot! If you are a Business Owner, Estate Agent, Developer, Construction Company, Builder or Furnishing supplier that would like to benefit from our stock photography offer for your business please do not hesitate to contact us.

On these terms you may care to discuss the photographing of a particular property or furnishings?

How Local Business Images can help your business…
stock-image-wakefield-photography-open-plan-officeBy working together and allowing us to photograph stock photography and images of your products, interiors or architecture, we will be further increasing an internet awareness for your business. The images would adhere to the strict guidelines set out by the libraries and each image would be approved by you before submitting to the library.

We would work professionally and efficiently at a time specified by you to avoid any disruption to your busy working schedule. We would be available for any future development or product that you wished to market and promote.

By using carefully selected keywords the images that we produce will be indexed by the top search engines. This will ensure that your company will be recognised if you so wish.
We would also add your business to my blog and website should you wish, again creating awareness of your company.

You are free to use the images, providing that Local Business Images are credited with the photograph, for you own marketing and promotional requirements. The images can be used in your brochures, marketing material and websites.

Should you wish to purchase any prints, Local Business Images will offer photographs and prints at massive discounts from Professional Processing Labs for your personal Portfolio and display.
All that we ask in return is that you allow Local Business Images to produce professional images for your business.

Links to our Stock Photography

Call Local Business Images on 07809 237354 or email us here

InFrame Kitchens Wakefield – Get The Traffic From Our Website

Do you supply or install InFrame Kitchens in the Wakefield area and want more enquiries and leads?

Because if you do supply or install InFrame Kitchens we can guarantee a listing high on page 1 of Google for the search term ‘ inframe kitchens wakefield ’


inframe kitchens wakefield mobile optimised website


And yes we can guarantee a page one listing… Because our websites are already there.
Not only for a desktop website ‘’ but a mobile website ‘’ so the viewers can read the information easily on their mobile phone.

8,490 Results…

Yes out of 8,490 results for the search term ‘ inframe kitchens wakefield ’ our websites appear twice on page one of Google. The traffic generated can easily be redirected to your existing website if you wish.



Now you can get traffic to your website from the search term inframe kitchens wakefield. This is pure organic traffic that Google loves. We will set up a redirection scrip directly to your website. Therefore any traffic going to will go to your website. No adwords no expensive SEO


In the present economic climate any company has to get their name out there. And with more and more potential customers and clients turning not only to the internet but mobile devices to search for their needs, our website offer is just what you need to boost your online presence.

You do not have to wait to get your website ranked as it is already there. High on page one of Google. This high ranking website has achieved this purely with SEO and organic traffic. We have not used Adwords to get it up there. We used an advanced marketing strategy that gets organic traffic to boost the ranking. Therefore to maintain the ranking you do not require and further investment, simply lease the site from us and we will do the rest.

Local Business Images also own the Mobile Website Design site ‘’ which has further boosted the search term ‘ inframe kitchens wakefield ’ high up the Google rankings.
To enable any supplier or installer of InFrame Kitchens in the Wakefield area to generate more enquiries and leads for your kitchen installation company , you can either lease the website ‘’ or we can simply add a redirection script on the webpage and all the traffic will be directed to your existing website.

In using our redirection listing you can be assured that Local Business Images will maintain the site and SEO services to keep the website highly ranked.

If you wish to benefit from the traffic generated from the website please contact Local Business Images via email or call us on 07809 237354 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How can we help a local accountant market their services to local business?

Looking at a local accountant, the majority of their clients will be local businesses.

Therefore this would be their target market.

As always nowadays, we would recommend a mobile optimised website to ensure they could capture all the potential businesses in the local area and make it easy for them to gather information about the accountancy practise, contact them via email and have a ‘Tap to Call’ button for instant dialling.

A simple automatic redirection script is then inserted into the header of the desktop website. This detects what type of device the viewer is viewing the website on and redirects them accordingly. Therefore if the viewer is using a Smart or iPhone the redirection script would detect this and send them to the mobile optimised website. Or if viewing from a laptop or desktop then they will simply go to the main website. The mobile optimised website does have a button or link to the desktop site should the viewer wish to view the desktop site.

We would then generate a QR Code which would be added to promotional brochures, leaflets and all business stationery. This QR Code would direct the scan to the accountant’s mobile website. After all, it is no good the scan directing the viewer to the desktop site as it would not be easy to read on the mobile phone.

Once this has been set up, we can then begin to work on the SEO of the websites.

To build customer loyalty and awareness we would then move on to creating a SMS marketing campaign. The messages would be on an opt in basis and can be used to remind of appointments, company news, tax changes etc. In keeping in touch with the client the accountant can assure loyalty from their clients.

gt-accountancy-services-denby-dale-huddersfield-mobile-website-screenshotThis is only a very brief summary of our Local Business Marketing strategies that we use. We would create display ads, backlinks and videos to complement our advanced mobile marketing strategies.
As a demonstration of a mobile optimised website for an accountant, we have built the following demo mobile optimised website for:-

G&T Accountancy Services Ltd
Unit 1d Denby Dale Business Park
Wakefield Road
Denby Dale

This is a mobile friendly demonstration site that was created by MdotDesign for G&T Accountancy Services Ltd and used the information and images on G&T Accountancy Services Ltd desktop website.
This allows the mobile optimised site to reflect and compliment the desktop site maintaining the G&T Accountancy Services Ltd company branding.

Visit the mobile optimised website on an emulator here…

You can view the mobile optimised website here… on you Smart or iPhone

To get a FREE Mobile Marketing Report click here…

This page is aimed at the following keywords;
G&T Accountancy Services Ltd
GT Accountancy Services Ltd
Accoutants Denby Dale
Marketing local accountant

Local Builders in Wakefield – Go Mobile

If you are local builder or building contractor in the Wakefield are…

Would you like to get more leads and enquiries through your website?

wakefield-builder-in-wakefieldHere at Local Business Images, we have teamed up with MdotDesign to bring you a fantastic online marketing package.

For a start MdotDesign will build a Mobile Optimised Website that can be easily viewed on almost any mobile phone or tablet. The website is built to the exact requirements of the Wakefield based builder or contractor. You can supply the text and the images if you wish and MdotDesign will do the rest.

The website will be set up for ranking high on the search engines and all the work will be carried out by MdotDesign from start to finish.

Included with the five page mobile website is hosting and a QR Code so potential customers can simply scan the code and go straight to your mobile friendly website. The QR Code can be put on your vehicles, brochures and vehicles etc.

At this point, Local Business Images will take over. We will create a display ad and bump the mobile website up the search engine rankings and keep you there.
We do this by a combination of advanced marketing strategies to ensure that your mobile website will be seen and prominent in the search engine listings. We will also distribute copies of your display ad throughout the internet.

If you wish to know more about this offer for the builder in Wakefield, please check out this page here… Builders in Wakefield

The mobile friendly website will be aimed at the search term Builders in Wakefield

Hair Salon Wakefield

After a huge success in America and Japan, Google have launched ‘Google Business Photos’ here in the UK. Local Business Images are your local accredited Google Business Photographers.

A few years ago Google launched ‘Streetview’ where you could search in the Google Listings or ‘Google Maps’ and have a ‘Virtual Tour’ of the area. Now they have taken the ‘Streetview’ concept one step further. The viewer could now walk into your Hair Salon in Wakefield and take a ‘Virtual Tour’ and view the layout and the style, appearance, décor and facilities etc. The ‘Virtual Tour’ has been around a long time, but Google have taken it beyond expectations and integrated it with Google Maps and ‘Streetview’

All the work is done for you. Google only allow Trusted and Approved Photographers to be able do this. The virtual tour is then linked to Google maps etc. This allows any potential customer or client to view your Wakefield Conservatory Showroom online. All the work we do is closely monitored by ‘Google Business Photos’ ensuring first class professional business photography at all times.
In addition to the panoramas which make up the ‘Virtual Tour’ we also shoot ‘Point of Interest Photos’. Feature photos of business hours, credit cards accepted, ratings, close-up shots of doors and window handles, stained glass, patterned glass and more.. In fact, we will photograph almost anything that you request within the Google guidelines.

The images and panoramas are then uploaded to the Google software where we create the virtual tour and link them to the ’Google Maps’ etc. Once uploaded and created (please allow around one week for Google to verification and check the final quality etc.) Google does encourage you to embed the ‘Virtual Tour’ into your existing website.

You can get further information about Google Business Photos either by calling 07809 237354 or emailing

City Locksmith Southampton

Local Business Images are delighted to announce the official website for City Locksmith Southampton.

To visit the City Locksmith Southampton website click here…


They are a Southampton based Locksmith Company who can cater for any specific locksmith requirements you personally may require or which your business may need.

The people at City Locksmith are confident that you will be very satisfied with the services that they offer. Their team of highly trained Locksmiths and Security Specialists are on hand 24 hours a day to assist you when you them us.

The information you will find on their desktop or mobile optimised website will help you get the most of their highly rated services. If you have any questions, please contact them 24 hours a day 365 days a year on 02381 157 857 or by email at

To visit the City Locksmith Southampton website click here…

Their customer service department thrive to expedite your requests and eagerly await your call or email. They guarantee to reply to all non-emergency correspondence within 24 hours.
If you have a question, or are in need of a service not listed below, but you think City Locksmiths of Southampton can help then do not hesitate to contact them.

They are a fully insured locksmith company and in the majority of call outs they gain access to properties by using nondestructive methods.

City Locksmiths 24 hour emergency call out service covers Southampton and the surrounding areas. They aim to be with you on site within the hour of taking your call. City Locksmiths do cover the whole of South Coast but this on a scheduled appointment basis only.


To visit the City Locksmith Southampton website click here…

Theses are some of the services that City Locksmith offer:


  • Supply and replace existing mortise lock or equivalent
  • Supply and replace existing cylinder lock or equivalent
  • Supply and replace existing euro lock or equivalent
  • Supply and replace existing night latch lock or equivalent


  • Parking post supply and fit
  • Letter box lock supply and fit
  • Smoke alarm supply and fit
  • CO2 detector supply and fit
  • Padlock opening service
  • Pickbuster applied to cylinder lock
  • Broken key removal
  • Supply and fit steel Security front door
  • Glued lock cleared
  • Security check for home or business
  • Supply and fit spyhole to front door
  • Supply and fit digital viewer spy/peep hole to front door
  • Security chain supplied and fitted
  • Supply and fit 2 security hinge bolts to door
  • Supply and fit 2 security key bolts to fire type door
  • Identity card entry slot supply and fit
  • Garage door defender supply and fit
  • Security grill supplied and fitted to window
  • Window lock Jackloc supply and fit
  • No go window security lock supply and fit
  • Steel protective sheet supplied and fitted to existing door

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City Locksmith only use high security locks. These high security locks prevent lock snapping, lock drilling, lock picking and lock bumping. All these methods of entry are being used by burglars now. Using these high security locks YOU are protecting your family and your property.

City Locksmiths are extremely proud of their reputation of having the best customer service in the business. City Locksmith will not let you down.

To visit the City Locksmith Southampton website click here…

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Builder in Leeds – Mobile Website

Why Mobile and the Implications for the builder in Leeds?

The findings of the study have strong implications for businesses and mobile advertisers. Make sure you can be found via mobile search as consumers regularly use their phones to find and act on information.

Incorporate location based products and services and make it easy for mobile customers to reach you because local information seeking is common among smartphone users.

Develop a comprehensive cross-channel strategy as mobile shoppers use their phones in-store, online and via mobile website and apps to research and make purchase decisions.

Last, implement an integrated marketing strategy with mobile advertising that takes advantage of the knowledge that people are using their smartphones while consuming other media and are influenced by it.

In addition to this, people want things now… They do not want large websites and images to slowly download onto their mobile. They want to see how to contact you easily and quickly.

If things look too complicated or messy on a mobile device… They will simply move on!

Builder in Leeds

It doesn’t matter if you’re the best, well known or have the highest Building or Construction Awards that a Builder could get!
If your construction and building services area best in Leeds or even the UK…. you need your contact details and business information to be easily read on almost any mobile device.

When someone searches for an outstanding Builder in the Leeds area, they will go through the list as it comes up on the search engine. That’s why we can assure you that if mobile friendly instantly gave out the contact details and testimonial along with call to action buttons, they will most likely call to action!

It’s as simple as that…..

The features included with this mobile friendly website are;-

  • No additional fees for the editing of the mobile website
  • Hosting for one year
  • Free domain of ‘[your city]/plumber
  • Free QR Code graphic which we will create for you. This can be used as you wish on vehicles, stationery and any promotional item.
  • 3 Pages included comprising of Home Page, Email/Contact Page and About Me pages
  • In addition to this we will undertake a small amount of SEO work to enable the website to be found in the search engine listings.

Options not included with this mobile friendly website are;-
(please note if you require additional pages or features we will give a fixed price quotation for them)

  • A full advanced marketing package to get your site ranked high in the listing and links to your mobile website (monthly fee)
  • Additional pages
  • Additional features
  • Google Maps
  • Links to other websites
  • Photo Gallery etc
  • Specific domain name (chosen by you)
  • Auto redirection software so mobile views will come to the mobile site

All the details of our services and additional features can be found on our website at

PLEASE NOTE MdotDesign, like ourselves, do not wish to market similar industry search term along with a similar geographic location such as ‘plumber-liverpool’. Therefore we will only sell one site to that specific location.

Sample Text for the Builder in Leeds

Our Building and Construction Experience

If you are looking for a Reputable Builder in Leeds that has the qualifications, experience, knowledge, excellent references, regular customer base and the reputation to carry out your construction work or home improvements? And, more importantly, see it through to the end?

We have over twenty years of building experience in the Small Works Construction Industry. Check out our testimonials and you will find that we have a reputation that’s second to none. Our building knowledge comes from work undertaken and completed. We offer a full design and building service so you don’t need to contact anyone else. Any sub-contractor is approved and contracted by ourselves to reduce any risk.

All our building or construction projects that we undertake, whatever the budget, is supervised by one of our own dedicated project managers. For further peace of mind you will have his mobile number so you can contact him easily should the need arise

Our Professional Building Services include…

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Free Estimate
  • Free Survey
  • Design & Drawing Service
  • Building Regulations
  • Building Work
  • Roofing
  • Joinery
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Painting & Decorating
  • And we clean up afterwards

We only employ qualified tradesmen to carry out the work. However small, each construction and building project that we undertake has a dedicated project manager to liaise with our clients.

In using our complete building and design service you can be assured of one of the most professional Building Services in the Leeds area.

Please contact us now for a free no obligation advice, survey and estimate from your Professional Builder in Leeds

Local Business Images – What exactly does it mean?

Local Business Images ? If we were called Local Business Photos or Local Business Pictures etc, then I feel we would have to validate our domain name.

However, we are Local Business Images and the domain was chosen not just because we shoot photos, pictures and images for local business. But because we promote the image of local business!

comercial-photography-local-business-images-wakefieldYes we do take photos for local businesses for stationery, testimonials, websites and digital media. But we don’t stop there. We take the images that we shoot to the next marketing level and through our cutting edge strategies of internet marketing and promotion;

We get the images to the top of the listings for our clients.
If we get an image or display ad in the top five places on Google Images for a designated search term and our client embeds the image in their website then it will increase the search engine ranking of their website.

Google are very content orientated when it comes to trawling and crawling through the millions of images that currently online. Each image that we take is optimised for a specific search term. The image is resized and optimised for fast downloading yet retaining a size that Google loves. And that is why we love Google. Because they basically tell us how to get high ranking images for our clients.

So really when we refer to Local Business Images, we aren’t just referring to the photos that we create. We are looking at the whole picture, so to speak, and marketing the image of the business.

Creating awareness and generating traffic from highly targeted fully optimised images.

Maybe your business could do with a marketing boost? Or maybe a gentle shove in the right direction?
If you think that Local Business Images can add to your online presence, why not give us a call on 07809 237354 and we will have an informal chat of what you want, what we can do and more importantly… How well we can do it!

If you prefer, email us here and we will get back to you