Chances are, you get a dozen calls a day offering you SEO services as a “solution” to your sales and marketing problems.

But the funny thing is…
… SEO isn’t any more of a solution than getting fit is to an athlete.
Because SEO is actually meaningless by itself.

Getting to the top of Google isn’t an SEO challenge…
… it’s a CONTENT challenge.

Google wants to see good content, in a variety of mediums, that is highly related to the searcher.

If you can provide that content, most of the SEO battle is won already.
Of course, there are legitimate reasons to hire an SEO expert, such as title optimization, meta tags, building incoming links and all that other boring stuff…

… but if you don’t have content to actually optimize, then it’s all just hot air and empty promises.

And yes, video marketing or rather video is the type of content that Google loves the most. In fact, you’re roughly 50 times more likely to get your video to the top of Google than you are a blog post or other written article.

And if you’re not sure where to start, or what type of video to create (or you simply don’t have the time or energy to worry about it) then I’d be happy to help you get going with video.

Why not give Local Business Images a call today on 07809 237354 or email me today for a quick, no obligation quote for your next – or very first – video for your business.

Video Marketing might just be your quickest, most affordable way to reach the top of Google and start generating a regular supply of targeted leads today!

Why SEO isn’t a solution…