Our 35 Step Video SEO Strategy

to develop your videos ranking both on YouTube and Google.

Local Business Images have been working for over a year to develop a Video SEO strategy
that would enable us to rank our clients videos even higher. Enabling an increase in the number of view for their videos and create backlinks to their website.

It is a strategy that views each video individually and builds a foundation on which we build our Video SEO strategy.
Unfortunately, for Local Business Images, there are no short cuts to this strategy. No push button software or the buying of backlinks or traffic.

Check out our ranking on Google here…

Our 35 Step Video SEO Strategy is built by experience, research, knowledge and hard work…
Because our Video SEO strategy works, and you can click here for further proof, we are now in an enviable position to offer the 35 Video SEO Strategy to businesses in London and the rest of the UK.

Our strategy can not only be built into a video that we produce, but it can also be built into a video file that you may already have but not ranking as high as you would like. As video SEO specialists we can take your existing video and optimise the file to rank high in the listings.

Video SEO London, is a complete service package that we can offer your business in London. All our work is undertaken by email and online.

We can add the new YouTube cards to enable your video to be interactive with users of mobile devices. This can be a call to action or be directed to your website.
Therefore if you are looking for Video SEO in London from an established Video SEO and Video Marketing Specialist, please call 07809 237354 or go to our contact page.

If you would care to view our claims to Video SEO rankings, please click here to be taken to our High Ranking Videos in a new window.
Unfortunately we can only show you the results of our 35 Step Video SEO Strategy, we cannot show you how it works. I can assure you that we do not buy any traffic, use any ‘Black Hat’ techniques or software. Our Video SEO London strategy is based on high quality and advanced SEO techniques that we have developed for our clients. The foundations on which we build the video SEO ensure that we regular optimisation the video will almost certainly always rank high in the YouTube and Goole listings.

If you would care to find out more regarding our Video SEO London offer or our 35 Step Video SEO Strategy and how it could help your online presence and awareness, please call me on 07809 237354 or go to our contact page.