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As specialists in Local Video SEO, we are in an ideal position to get your local business video ranking high on the first page of YouTube and Google.

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Secrets of how to Get Your Local Business Marketing Videos Ranked On the First Pages of YouTube or Google
Your meta-data is the key to getting higher ranks. Google algorithm favours informational keywords to rank online videos. Informational keywords begin with phrases like: What is” or “Why does” or “How to”. This because informational keywords normally don’t have paid per click promotion along the sidebar.

Secondly, Google algorithm will tend to place informational keyword phrases on top of the first page because the videos describing “how to” do something are mostly searched by viewers who are looking for free solutions to their problems.

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Now if you look at commercial keywords, Local Video SEO for example, you will find out different scenario. It is much harder to get a YouTube video ranked on top if Google knows it can charge promoters to be on page one.

You need to choose your topic carefully. You need to check how competitive the competition key phrase is there in order to know how much effort you’ll require to put into promoting you video to get a good return.

If YouTube has several videos with the same title as your proposed online marketing video that’s a good sign however it also means it will take more effort and time to rise above them. Conversely if there no competing videos it will be easier to rank but cannot reach a wider market.

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We use advanced Video SEO knowledge and experience to get your video or images seen by your potential clients in the Leeds area. Not only can we show you our Video SEO results here…

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We will guarantee a page one listing or refund your payment 100%. We confidently offer our Video SEO Leeds Guarantee because we know from our past results that we can do what we say.

We can either produce a new video to implement our Video SEO or we can update and optimise your existing videos to rank on page one of YouTube and Google.


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