Local Business Images will soon be promoting businesses in Scarborough through our video marketing and media production services, using our advanced marketing and seo strategies.

We always aim to rank our clients videos on page one of the search engines.
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Targeted optimized videos can pull in some powerful local traffic; so be sure to use relevant keyword terms (as well as location) in your title and description to deliver quality traffic over a longer period of time.
There is a lot of sales clutter on the web, so don’t just focus on selling in your videos; use your videos to define problems and discuss solutions so you can attract and retain your true target audience.
What can you teach your audience?
“Tips” and “How-to” videos are extremely successful because not only are they appreciated, but they showcase your knowledge and position you as the expert.
For every video you create, make sure your company logo/company name is shown at least once to help your audience become familiar with your brand.
Most people post their videos on YouTube, but you should also embed your videos on your website to keep visitors around longer; don’t stop there, post them on other social and video-sharing sites as well.