Over the past two and a half years I have tried many method of marketing and optimising videos for ourselves and our clients.

Here is the current Google video screenshot…

current google screenshot

We have gained experience, information and knowledge of how to rank a video in any niche for local businesses. We have achieved some amazing results for both ourselves and our clients.

We are now trying out a new method of video ranking. Using this new method which is new to ourselves and mixing it up with our past knowledge and experience we are hoping to take local video marketing to greater heights!

Initially we are targeting a highly competitive market for replacement conservatory roofs. We are up against some large manufacturers with obvious big budgets… Let’s see how we perform?

First, the phrases that we are targeting are as follows;

  1. How can I keep my conservatory cool in summer?
  2. How can I keep my conservatory warm in winter?
  3. How to make a conservatory into a room?
  4. Convert conservatory to fully roofed room with a Tiled Conservatory Roof
  5. Convert conservatory roof to tiles

Just to let you know I am uploading each video as a thumbnail only and will add the videos to YouTube as ‘live streaming’. Therefore, I’m not actually uploading any video, just the thumbnail….

The main search term that I am trying to hit is;

‘How can I keep my conservatory cool in summer?’  Which has about About 10,400,000 results in the video listings!

This webpage will be continually updated with screen shots over the next few days so please bookmark it and keep updated on my progress!

Thank you for your interest…

Pole position on YouTube with 14 mins!!!!
16.05.30 14mins later

1st June 2016
Checked out the Google suggested keyword ‘Keep conservatory cool’ and still ranking in second position. Highest conservatory listing. I have also uploaded a new thumbnail to see if it possible and if it will effect the ranking.

The reasons for doing this will be revealed later!