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Photographers, don’t hide your creative talents

Can words describe your photo talents/creativity/experience or does it need to be seen?

Words cannot describe your creativity…

An image can display your talent
A portfolio will show you dedication
A Video Presentation of your work will boost your online, offline presence

Now is Your Opportunity to Grab the Maximum Exposure For Your Creative Photographic and Artistic Talent!

We live in a visual World. And everyone expects high quality images that can easily be accessed! That is why we have created the Portfolio Video Template.

Every time you look for ways to promote your photography and art, it is stated that Video Marketing is a must have marketing tool. With prices starting at just £67 what better way to get a high ranking video to show off your creative talent?

The video can be embedded in you website, posted on social media. We can even create a low-res animated image that you can insert into your email signature. What’s more is that you can direct potential clients to you Video Portfolio through an email link or attachment.

Because the Video will be created specifically for you, we can offer a number of additional service that you may require. Therefore please call us or email us call 07809 237354 or email us at and between us we can decide your exact requirements and offer a cost-effective quotation for your Portfolio on Video.

Local Business Images will create a video from your photographic images or artwork. Images that need to be seen! The video can be posted on social media, embedded into your website and uploaded to YouTube. There are no limits to where or when you can post. You own the video usage outright.

Send potential clients a copy or simply a link to your online portfolio.

For us to create your Video simply send via email, up to a max ten images and the text that you want to display. Let us know your contact details, choose the music, the colours and you video will be sent to you within hours.

We offer full editing and you may update at any time for a nominal fee. We also offer additional video ranking service that will get you high ranked on YouTube.

To improve your online presence, video portfolios are great avenues for you to boost your reputation and exposure in the photography and creative industry.

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