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When replacing your windows you should look for:

• A certified and reputable window installation specialist
• Durability and longevity
• Improved heating performance
• Improved draught exclusion and noise insulation
• Improved safety and security benefits for your home
• Economic and easy to clean
• Simple and effortless to operate
• Suit the current style of your home

Up to 90% of heat can be lost through windows in modern homes. Replacing your inefficient windows with high performance double-glazing windows will help you to make huge savings on your heating bills.

They reduce the amount of heat lost and the low-emissive glass allows the suns heat and light to pass through the window more easily without letting it escape back out so your home will be naturally warmer too.

If you are considering selling your home, the introduction of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) by the Government has increased the need for you to make your home energy efficient. Potential homebuyers can now see how energy efficient a property is before buying and at a time when fuel is becoming increasingly more expensive this can have a huge impact on their decision to make an offer.