Using a Thermal Imaging Camera, we have illustrated the thermal efficiency of a tiled conservatory roof in comparison to the lack of thermal efficiency of a polycarbonate conservatory roof.

The image was shot before the sun came round onto the roof to enable the thermal camera not to be influenced by the heat from the sun and just show the internal heat escaping through the conservatory roof.

The red areas are showing the hottest
where the most heat is escaping directly over the heat source.

The yellow areas are showing the coolest part of the thermal image where there is no or very little heat escaping. Ensuring that the conservatory will stay warm in winter whilst keeping out the heat from the sun in the summer months.

Externally the Tiled Conservatory Roof is aesthetically superior to its conventional rival, insofar as its tiles and cappings are streamlined and unobtrusive.
Not relying on bulky portal frames, concrete or brick columns, its lightweight facet provides for more options in relation to window and door selection.

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