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“From the age of sixteen I have worked in the construction industry developing an eye for design and an appreciation of fine architecture.”

But, my first passion is photography! I gained my Licentiate with The Royal Photographic Society way back in 1988. A passion that has grown, over the years, into an obsession.

It was inevitable that at some point my two main interests would become one.

“Because of my love of buildings, architecture and furniture and drawing on my experience gained in the construction industry feel that I am in a position to capture images that fully justify the subject and show a knowledge and commitment of creative photography.

When shooting interiors, I aim to capture the natural lighting effects. Using a minimal burst of flash to illuminate the darker areas, I am able to show shadow details without without killing the natural light!

I must admit that I hate to see walls and frames that should be vertical, not vertical in the final photographic image. Of course, when being creative, then the fact that the vertical in the architecture may be plumb but in the image sufficiently out of plumb, so it does look deliberate. However, shooting with a quadcopter from above is a different matter and I try to achieve a balance. Hopefully the final image appears in the correct perspective.”

I now use my experience, knowledge and desire to market and promote local business through my images… But… My photography doesn’t stop there! I use my images to create ads and posts on social media. Create eye catching, high ranking videos, brochures, printed ads and animated graphics that generate more leads for my clients.”

Why not give me a call on 01262 308712 or on my mobile 07809 237354 for an informal chat about creating visual marketing material for your business? Or drop me an email at and I’ll get back to you…

Please feel free to browse a small sample of my images on file at Shutterstock and images taken for a local client


Welcome to our Stock Photos, Stock Videos and Stock graphics which our members can freely download.

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