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Reach 10,000 on Facebook – Incredible Facebook Video Marketing Offer

Want more local leads for your business?

Boost your business locally with our incredible Facebook video marketing package.
Fully inclusive deal to get you and your business 10,000 laser targeted video views on Facebook.

Let me ask you this…

If you had a custom Facebook optimised video that got 10,000 local views on facebook, would your business benefit?

Of course it would!

Facebook Video ads, aimed at the mobile user, are still in the initial stages of growth. Facebook want you to use mobile optimised video ads for your business. With this in mind we created our cost effective, all-inclusive Mobile Video Marketing Package.

There is no point in us telling you how effective video marketing is!
And we don’t need to tell you that ALL the big companies are doing it. What I will tell you, is that Local Business Images have created the ultimate package to boost your business locally using highly effective Facebook video ads. And we have kept our costs so low, our package can be accessible to any business with a small marketing budget.

We want to boost your business in your area using Facebook Video Ads.
How would 10,000 targeted local views on a your video ad boost your business? With this package we guarantee 10,000 facebook laser targeted views on your video. Generating customer awareness, increasing your brand and most importantly generating leads for your business locally.

No video for us to boost?
No problem. As part of our package offer we will create a highly optimised video ad for your business. We then get the video views, guaranteeing at least 10,000 views on your video.

When creating an ad or campaign using boosted posts on Facebook, it pays to listen to the experts. That is Facebook themselves. After all they do know best!

Here’s what Facebook recommends for an optimised video ad

Design for mobile
6 tips for better mobile video
Video works best on mobile when it’s short and made with mobile in mind. Recent studies have proved that creating short videos of 15 seconds or less can significantly drive up video completions.
If you want more people to watch to the end of your video, it’s best to make it 15 seconds or less.

Here are 5 more tips on how you can make your video work better on mobile:

1- Capture attention quickly by starting with the most compelling parts of your video.

2- Make your video more visually engaging by using a format better suited to mobile, such as a vertical or square video.

3- Capture attention in the first few seconds of your video by featuring your product or brand message early.

4- While we recommend creating mobile video meant for Facebook, if you must use video not created for mobile first, edit your videos so that your product or brand message feature early in the first 15 seconds.

5- Use captions so people can better understand your video if they choose to have the sound off.

91.4% of our ad was viewed on a mobile device

Facebook Ads - 91.4% of the veiws were on a Mobile DeviceRecently we run an video ad on Facebook and over 91.4% of the audience were on mobile! Over the past couple of years, the highest percentage of Facebook usage is on mobile. Therefore you have to create your campaign at the mobile user.

Specifically created to capitalise on the advances made not only by Facebook, but the growth in mobile video views. Bringing video marketing to the small business, giving you a massive advantage over corporations. by the time they produce anything – your sales are in the bank!

Our Mobile Facebook Video views by real people who live or work in your local target area. We do not buy traffic from any source. The viewers and your traffic is from your optimised video ad that we boost on Facebook. We do try to create organic traffic on your behalf which helps to keep the cost at a minimum and does count towards your 10,000 views

How much does it cost to get 10,000 targeted views and a video ad optimided for Facebook?
This is an initial offer for this service and it will soon be increased to £197. However, as we are just rolling this offer out, we aim to get publicity, feedback and testimonials for out package. We have cut the cost by over 50% and you can get the package today for £97.

We are not sure how long this offer will last but as soon as we have our marketing material we shall go back to our initial pricing option of £197. But whilst it is priced at £97, take full advantage of our offer with a Facebook locally targeted video ad and benefit from 10,000 local views on your video ad!


How long before I see my video?
We will have a draft video to be viewed online within 72 hours. If all is OK we will upload and boost the video within 24 hours.
What if I don’t like my video?
In the unlikely case of you not liking your video when you view the draft online, we will edit it for you to make sure it is as you want it. However, once you have accepted the draft version and the video is boosted we cannot accept any further edits unless previously agreed.
How long does it take to get 10,000 views on my video ad?
We usually spread the 10,000 views over a period of a month. However, your video ad will keep running indefinitely although it won’t be boosted after we reach the 10,000 views.
Why optimise for mobile?
As you can see above, mobile is far outreaching desktop views.
There is no sound on my video?
By not adding sound there is no distraction. Also, according to facebook, 85% of mobile video ads viewed are without the audio enabled. But if you want a sound track adding to your video, we can do that for you.
Can I get my message out in 15 seconds?
Facebook recommend that your video ad is 15 seconds or less because that is the optimum time for the viewer on mobile. Your message is to get the viewer to find you and find out more…
What exactly is a video view?
Facebook regard a video view as a minimum of 3 seconds.
How will I know how many views my video has had?
Your video ad will be posted on or Facebook page and the views will be update on a regular basis. We also keep you informed of activity via email.
Why is my ad only 15 seconds in length?
This is the time that Facebook recommend for optimised viewing on a mobile device.
Why is my video square?
The square format is better for viewing on a mobile device.

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