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Social Media – Generating Traffic

►We Create Your Mobile Optimised Promotional Video

►We Guarantee Over 10,000 Video Views on Facebook

►We Create Months of Organic Traffic From YouTube

►We Give You Attention Grabbing Low-Res and Email Graphics

►You Get The Best Value, Highly Responsive Video Marketing Package Ever!

As a business owner, you’re probably aware of the importance of social media, and the benefits that it can produce for you. Social media is the number one place that your potential customers can be found, and getting your business in front of their eyes is extremely important. One of the easiest ways to get your business in front of those customers is by running highly targeted Facebook ads.

Utilizing our advertising expertise, we can work with you to develop the ideal audience for your ads, and we are able to work with the advanced Facebook technology to put your business in front of that audience.

Gone are the days of a small business owner being able to afford effective print or media advertising. Billboards, ads on the radio, and in the newspaper, are simply just not as effective as they once were. Advertising is all about being where the people are, and in 2017, Facebook is where people are.

Beyond the initial savings over traditional ads, we save more money as your ad campaigns grow by continuing to fine tune the audience that is seeing them, and the placements of the ads.
More and more marketers are saying Facebook is the most important platform they use, and for good reason. There’s good reason for this, and as a small business owner, you won’t find more cost effective advertising, dollar for dollar. That’s not to say, however, that it comes without a learning curve and cost of learning.

Skip that learning curve, and contact us today to begin developing your ideal audience for your business, and get your first ad campaign launched. We will work with you every step of the way, not just run your ads for you, but serve as your Facebook marketing partner. Call 07809 237354 or email to start your business on the path to social success!

To enable us to introduce you and your Local Business to Video Marketing we offer our best video marketing package to date!
Every business is looking to generate more leads, create customer awareness, engagement and brand the business.

►You don’t need us to tell you how powerful Video Marketing is right now!

But when you combine Video Marketing with Facebook and YouTube…You have the ultimate marketing package!

Unfortunately, Video Marketing, done properly, you may think is out of the reach of many small and medium size local businesses. That is why Local Business Images have created the ultimate Local Business Video Marketing Package. Created to get you results… FAST!

►How The Local Business Video Marketing Package Works.

Our initial step is to define exactly what you want to accomplish from our package. This can be a phone call or a simple questionnaire to help us meet your exact requirements in getting your message across.

From the information gained create a 15 to 30 second video to achieve your goals. The content of your video can be either animated, live video or images. We will discuss this with you!

Once complete, the video is then sent to you for your approval. If you require any revisions we will edit your video to meet your requirements.

When you are satisfied with your video and it sends out the right message in the style that you requested, give us the thumbs up to go ahead we will create the campaign by producing copies of the master video. One video will be created specifically for Facebook Ads and posting in your social media. One video optimised to rank high in the YouTube listings and embedding in your website etc.  And finally we will create an attention grabbing animated image (.GIF) that can be embedded in your emails and social media etc.

►Check out a sample video

You can see how this video ranks in the Google listings for the search term ‘entrance doors leeds’ here…

The Facebook ad will give you an almost instant response to your advertising…
Whilst the YouTube video will ensure a organic traffic and lead generation for months to come.

►10,000 views on Facebook

Rapid results will be achieved with a guaranteed 10,000 video views on Facebook. The Facebook video will drive traffic to your sales/lead page or any page you wish or your social media page etc. As a part of the Local Business Video Marketing Package, we will boost your video with 10,000 video views with a Facebook Ad. We will keep boosting this video until the figure of 10,000 has been met.

We will email you a full detailed report of the 10,000 video views once this target has been achieved. The report will confirm the video views and where the traffic has come from, performance clicks and type of device (desktop or mobile) that the video was viewed on. This is all part of our fully inclusive video marketing package.

►Months of Organic Traffic

The optimised video that we will upload to YouTube will rank high in the listings and will bring in free organic traffic to your website or sales page. You can see our Video Ranking results here here…


►Low-Res Animated Graphic (.GIF)

This is an animated graphic taken from your master video file. Looping continuously, it can be embedded into your social media posts, website and emails.

►Sales and Lead Generation Page

As a part of our add-on packages you can have Sales Pages, YouTube management and Facebook Ad management should you wish. Please contact for more details.

►Low Cost-High Performance Lead Generation

Maybe you thought that video marketing for your business was out of your reach and that is why we have created this package with the small to medium local business in mind. Our reputation for high ranking local business videos is second to none. Combined with our 10,000 Facebook views our Local Business Video Marketing package cannot be beaten in terms of quality and value for money. At prices starting at £497 fully inclusive – This could be one of the best marketing decisions that you will make…

►Some of Your Questions Answered here

Click on this link… For more details of our offer and view some of the questions that we have been asked and the answers we gave!

►Call Me Now for an Informal Chat

To book your free initial consultation and to get further information about our Local Business Video Marketing Package, pleas call me personally, Gordon Ball on 07809 237354 or alternatively drop me and email at with the subject line ‘Local Business Video Marketing Package’ and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

►Animated Headers for your Facebook Business Pages…

animated facebook header
Click on the animation for more…