The range of UPVC fascias and soffits or Roofline, in addition to guttering and downpipes, is fast becoming the first choice for home owners in the Leeds area. In fact, these UPVC roofline systems can also be seen on the majority of new build homes up and down the country and offer a maintenance free solution for any property. UPVC is an abbreviation of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, and home owners who choose to install UPVC roofline systems can rest secure in the knowledge that it will not rot or warp, regardless of the weather conditions. Furthermore, UPVC does not need to be painted and will continue to look good year after year.

Due to their increasing popularity, UPVC roofline systems are easy to source and you’re likely to find a local stockist without too much difficulty. You’ll find a range of different styles and colours, allowing you to choose something that will complement your property. Replacing an existing system with UPVC roofline in Leeds, however, is a job best left to the professionals. Your timber boards will need to be removed to allow the installation of the new UPVC fascia; this necessitates the removal of the outer roof tiles. After installing the new guttering, the roof tiles can then be re-laid.

Products made from UPVC can last for many years. They are hard wearing and have none of the maintenance issues of their timber counterparts. The importance of fixing a new UPVC roofline system to a solid structure cannot be overestimated. While some home owners, in an effort to save money, opt to attach the new system to the existing timber boards, this practice is not generally recommended.

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