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FREE Restaurant Marketing Guides, Images & Template Downloads

The restaurant industry has been conditioned to believe that only traditional restaurant promotion efforts can be applied to grow sales…

Because it’s what everyone else is doing.

The fact is, the restaurant industry is getting more competitive and will continue to do so. In the face of increased competition, the most effective strategy is to differentiate your restaurant from the others and create excitement in a way that reinforces your positioning strategy.

Use These Restaurant Marketing Materials – With My Compliments!

I wanted to connect with your business… so as my introduction, I developed these promotional ideas and marketing templates to bring you more customers and diners.

The files are all saved in Microsoft Word, and can be opened, modified, and saved to your hard drive easily with any version of WORD. You can add your restaurant’s name or replace pictures and text as you want, also.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help you utilize these marketing materials. Of course every template won’t be appropriate for every type of restaurant or bar, but many can give ideas you can adapt to something else.