These days, more and more people are using the internet to get information.

Therefore, online videos are increasingly becoming essential for connecting and reaching fans, customers, and followers. Videos continue to gain more power and popularity as a marketing tool because of its desirability to the web surfers.

YouTube is all about viewing, uploading and sharing videos. This is the best video hosting place. Remember that after creating your video, you will need somewhere to host it. Being the second most popular search engine, millions of people who visit it are likely to see your video. If you add your website to your YouTube video, many people are likely to see, click and visit your site, leading to higher conversions for you.
Another advantage of using YouTube is that it is free. This helps to keep your advertising costs low. The fact that Google owns YouTube gives you a very valuable backlink.
There are many other sites, apart from YouTube, where you can upload your video.

Predictable questions can be answered through video, reducing the cost of sale. You also build or increase credibility and trust through well done powerful and professional videos. Internal self serve videos help the sales staff to be more effective. It must also be mentioned that the use of video shortens the sales cycle and turns marketing into hugely useful information that creates long term trust and kinship.

By simply adding, a friendly voice and a smile one can build a good rapport with their clienteles faster and enable them to relate to your products or business in a personal level. Videos connect to clienteles on a deeper level as it covers and extends to different learning techniques such as the visuals where individuals can learn by seeing or reading demonstrations of various products or services and the auditory where customers associate by listening to audios. Discussed below are the major reasons why businesses are doing video marketing.

1. Ever-increasing number of internet users consuming videos

Businesses are now turning to video marketing because they have realized that more and more internet users tend to consume their video entertainments online. Scientific studies have confirmed that more people are using the internet to checkout videos.

The business community is now moving to cater for the attention of the new generation that wants videos that provoke, inspire, or excite them. In addition, most people watch videos on tablet devices like iPads as they make this short-form marketing content see more enjoyable. Laptop, tablet and Desktop audiences and viewers continue to consume short-form video and many marketers and businesses see a great money making opportunity arising.

2. There are many opportunities for dissemination

The advancing technology has created different avenues for businesses to showcase their videos. There are many websites that allow people and businesses to share their videos and this help them market their services and products. Companies can also use social media platforms to post their marketing videos and reach out to potential clienteles.

In addition, most of these sites have a sharing experience that is effective and simple and it makes the virility or potential even higher. Furthermore, there is an emergence of niche markets for almost every type of business and the prospects are that companies will find sites or blogs that want to share their videos. All that is needed is a little inquiry and outreach by the business or company.

3. Quality is quickly expanding

The introduction of first-rate equipment that comes at a reasonable cost means that more prospective storytellers can easily create videos. In the past, the sheer price and even entry obstacles meant that only a small proportion of the population could access this field. However, nowadays, it is easier and affordable to make videos. Therefore, even the young talents can easily enter the market. This means that even the smaller businesses that are starting up can easily use videos to market their products or services.

Consequently, the quality tends to expand quickly; this is because there are also websites that have DIY and how-to videos that businesses can learn from. Experienced filmmakers offer excellent tricks and tips on the web making it easier for people learn from the comfort of their homes. This results in a big invasion of high-quality videos that lead to more shares, more viewers, and more business for different companies.

4. Gauging the impact of your business

There are websites that enable businesses to know the number of clients who check out their videos online. This enables the companies to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing strategies through videos. This is because they get to learn where their businesses are losing interest and get to make applicable adjustments in the videos they release in future.

Companies also get user comments and video ratings from prospective clients. In addition, businesses can also get insight data and statistics. Understanding how your target market is responding to your content assists video publishers of small businesses to offer relevant content that will grow their businesses and increase their sales.

With the continued progresses in technology, filmmakers can now create marketing content at a more economical cost than ever before. The costs of equipment that are used for filmmaking have also dwindled and are now affordable to ordinary people. Therefore, businesses can make compelling videos without using a lot of money. This makes video marketing a more economical mode of advertising. It is without a doubt that businesses are doing video marketing, to promote their products