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    The kitchen really is the heart of the home. A typical family may only buy 2 or 3 in a lifetime yet a fitted kitchen has a huge impact on how you can enjoy your home, entertain and of course the value of your home. As kitchen designers, suppliers and installers we have decades of experience in fitted kitchen design and this article is designed to help you realise the kitchen of your dreams.

    When it comes to kitchen style the options are almost limitless. Kitchen doors are available in almost any colour and style imaginable. From gloss white to hand painted blue there is a fitted kitchen to suit your style

    with a host of complimentary accessories to match. Fitted kitchens must be glamorous and so it is easy to forget that they have to be functional as well as stylish. Start with the function how often will it be used? How many people will use it? And what will it be used to cook? Ask one of our kitchen experts about the work triangle to get the most from your space.

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