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Facebook Ad Management – Our Offer

Struggling to get results and quality leads from your Facebook Ads?

Or, maybe you’re not running Facebook Ads and failing to benefit from a low cost source of lead generation for your business?

Local Business Images will create, run and manage your Facebook Ads Free of charge for a full week?

Low Cost – High Return Facebook Ads

Facebook loves short attention grabbing videos? That’s why short video advertising on Facebook is a cost-effective method of generating leads and brand awareness for your business.

Not only will we ensure that your Facebook Ads produce the highest return on investment, we will create a short but high quality video ad and build a lead generating sales funnel for you.

All we ask is for a simple video testimonial if new business comes from it!

If we bring in the leads or for some reason we fail to bring in the leads, you won’t owe us a penny!

The only “catch” is that you pay for the ad spend. Literally a can’t lose situation!

If, at the end of the week you wish to want use to manage your Facebook Ads, great! But if you don’t wish to use our Facebook Ad Management services in the future, simply tell us why and we’ll take the loss!

We can only help two or three businesses like this… If you would like more leads for your business, We will run the ads for you, set up a custom sales funnel and manage the Facebook Ads for free. All we ask is for a simple video testimonial if new business comes from it.

To book your free initial consultation and to get further information about our Local Business Video Marketing Package, pleas call me personally, Gordon Ball on 07809 237354 or alternatively drop me and email at admin@localbusinessimages.com with the subject line ‘Facebook Ad Management’ and I will get back to you as soon as I can.