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Gordon Ball Digital Media SpecialistThere has never been a better time to start using video to market your business, re-engage old and welcome new customers.

I would like to introduce myself as a Digital Media Specialist.
Having worked in the construction industry both as a tradesman and later in management, for the past five years, I am now producing media material such as photographic images and videos, predominately for the construction industry.

During my time in the construction industry, I also worked many Saturdays as a part-time wedding photographer. I supply images to four major online photo agencies and have clocked up over 25,000 sales. I have also undertaken work for Google, where I honed my SEO skills
During my time in the construction industry I have worked for a number of construction companies and in the glazing industry for Anglian Commercial (Site Supervisor) and GG Glass and Glazing (Estimator).

I have gained a number of regular clients that I service on a regular basis. I am also able to call upon my specialist support team to assist me through the busy times.

I have achieved great success with the production, creation and ranking of short animates and live action promotional and explainer videos. Not to mention my photographic skills.
If you feel that I may be able to offer your company my digital media service to market your company and gain brand recognition, which I am sure I can, please do not hesitate to call me on my personal mobile no. 07809 237354 or my office 01262 308712 (although I am usually hard to catch on this number!)

It doesn’t matter how small your business is. People are biologically programmed to respond to moving objects, sights and sounds. If you’ve got a message to share, then share it with video and watch your visitors, email subscribers and potential customers start responding.

My Mobile number…07809 237354

email me

PLEASE NOTE Video Marketing does not need to be expensive. Shorter videos work best and you certainly don’t need a “big budget” video to get results.

If just one video attracts a few extra customers per week, what’s that worth to you?

Short on time, have a tight budget and just need a helping hand?

Then contact me today and I’ll talk you through my services and how I can help. No obligation. No hard sell. That’s a promise

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07809 237354