Simple video ads get your business in the search engine listings!

By creating a video ad for your business, we can generate online awareness for your business. The ads can be embedded into you webpages, social media pages and we can create an animated .GIF to insert into your emails.

Local Business Images are specialists at creating and ranking still and animated images along with video presentations and video ads.

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What is a.GIF image?

Bridlington Echo - Sample Video Ad - Video Ads for Bridlington Business

GIF files are a format commonly used for graphics presented on websites. … GIF files have the file extension .gif. GIF files are compressed using “lossless” compression, meaning image quality is not sacrificed as file size reduces. It does not contain any audio file but it can be presented as a video style image and linked to the higher resolution videp, making it ideal to grab attention in your emails etc. Click on the image to go to the Facebook page!

A video ad usually is created around your logo and your brand.

A logo is a visual symbol that represents your business through design and colour. When your logo is animated is draws more attention and generates awareness of your business.

Typically a logo will contain the business name, combined with an image that is somehow relevant to the services offered. Often logos can be as simple as the business name that always appears in a certain typeface, placed in a box or underlined.

When choosing a logo, be sure to select something simple enough that it will still look appealing when very small or in black and white. Complex logos, with many colors, usually don’t reproduce well, and the visual uniqueness may end up getting lost.
Fight the urge to design your own logo. Most consultants are not good designers! Unless you are an experienced graphic designer by trade, the creation of a logo is best left to other professionals.

Logo design services are only a few hundred dollars, sometimes much less, and can make all the difference in your business profitability. Spending weeks learning how to use a LOGO Design software without having the artistic talent, will get you nowhere.
Before you finalise a logo, fax it to yourself, shrink it down to tiny size, and try looking at it in different formats to be sure it will still look good under distressed but unfortunately common business conditions.

Look at it online, printed out on paper, in full color and in black and white. You’ll find the simpler logos will reproduce the best under all conditions.